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We compare your content against an international database of academic works. You receive a meticulous report with highlighted plagiarized areas and a precise similarity score.

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You get a detailed report that combines results of an automated plagiarism scanning and editor’s remarks.

Clear results

All plagiarized areas are highlighted and accompanied by hints.

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Only 25$$10 for a custom-made report

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Samples of Plagiarism Reports

 Writing Papers? Don’t Forget about Plagiarism Checker for Students!

Anti-plagiarism policy is a standard every school or college lives by. If you plagiarize, inadvertently or not, you are likely to face the music at the dean’s office. And that’s the fate you probably want to avoid, right? Using our tool, you can have your writing checked in just a couple of seconds!

A good plagiarism checker is something a student cannot live without. At our company, it’s actually more than just a tool. It’s is a way to deliver quality content to your audience. Experience it today!

Why use our write check for students?

If you are a blogger or an independent writer, our write check for students will be a great help for creating flawless texts. We offer a wonderful mix of fast and quality checking. Wish to achieve originality in writing? Try our tool today and enjoy originality using our accurate plagiarism report.

Stay confident about your writing

Staying confident about the uniqueness of your texts is key in academic writing. Of course, writing original texts without a flaw is the stuff of dreams. On the first try, it’s close to impossible. There is always a risk to plagiarize, especially if you have to reference multiple sources of information.

We are glad to announce that there is an amazing way to turn in original papers. All the elements of an accurate plagiarism checker for students are aligned together in our tool. Now you can get a detailed report about the quality of your texts in a single report. Here’s what we do:

  • Instantly detect direct plagiarism;
  • Track breach of citing rules (perfect for essays, academic papers and dissertations);
  • Highlight risks of plagiarism.

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We run your content through 10 trillions of existing web resources, ensuring the most accurate score of plagiarism. It scans your content and displays the sources of unoriginal information. Therefore, it’s easier to correct the plagiarized areas.

Multilevel check

We don’t stop at displaying just a score of plagiarism. What we provide is a clear report where you can observe:

  • Direct matches;
  • Risks of plagiarism;
  • Not cited paraphrasing;
  • Poor citations.


Easy-to-understand results

Our check for plagiarism offers plenty of utilities, including a comprehensive report. All results are highlighted in different colors accompanied by hints, ensuring a clear understanding of the nature of plagiarized parts.


Submitting your texts is absolutely safe. Our system essentially does not save your content to any database.  So if you are concerned with the security after running your texts through our database – you should not worry at all. Ultimately, we preserve its original format.


We are able to check lengthy within a couple of minutes. Having to check more than 200 pages is not a problem. Our tool can cope with it fast enough. Now you won’t have to wait long to get a meticulous check and a detailed report.

Editing and improvement

If your content requires improvement, worry not. With the aim to make your texts read better, we have created special editing options. Referring to our editing service will result in receiving a high-quality content that reads professionally. Be assured that any online grammar checker is pales in comparison to our editing services.

Much better than a free plagiarism checker

  • You can enjoy the multi-level plagiarism check. Unlike the one-sided check, it displays risks of plagiarism such as weak citations and breach of referencing rules. All accompanied by hints and explanations.
  • You can have your content edited and enhanced.
  • We have access to a significantly larger database of web resources, ensuring the most accurate plagiarism score.
  • Our tool supports many text formats (doc, docx, pdf, txt etc.). Free plagiarism checker is compatible with only a few.
  • You get to check lengthy texts and get instant results.
  • Ultimately, you receive a single detailed and usable plagiarism report.