Get a Paper Grammar Checker and Plagiarism Detector

What are the main aspects your professor or teacher follows when grading your paper? Obviously, there are three of them: content, originality, and grammatical correctness. Once your paper is done, you need someone qualified to look at your work from the outside and evaluate its authenticity. It is really difficult for a writer to find mistakes, run-on sentences, misprints and other errors without professional assistance. As for a plagiarism check – it is needless to remind about it. You need an efficient tool to find all similarities and help you get rid of them. And has something to offer.

When you need to check paper for plagiarism, it is crucial for you to get a detailed, clear, and fast review. Our plagiarism detecting software provides users with a comprehensive and accurate plagiarism report, displaying all necessary elements that need to be considered. Among them you will find percentage of similarities, initial sources, as well as types of plagiarism found.

After your plagiarism check is done, you need to get a professional paper grammar checker. Well, our tool doesn’t provide an automatic grammar check, but we have something much better. Instead of a technical review, you are welcome to hire a qualified editor at our service. Our editors will find mistakes in your text and fix them at an affordable price. Combining a plagiarism check and a profound grammar proofreading, you will make your paper shine.

Best plagiarism checker for research papers and other assignments

No matter what kind of content you’ve got there, our plagiarism checker is able to process it. We have designed the best plagiarism checker for research papers, term paper plagiarism checker, book/movie/article reviews, speeches, and even dissertation checker. We accept any kind of content of any volume. Even if you have a long paper, like a dissertation – we can handle it. Unlike other software, we did our best to create a program that processes a great number of pages in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to check a large paper piece by piece and waste your time and nerves.

Our paper plagiarism checker is user-friendly and simple. All you have to do is just upload your document and the program will process it, comparing to online resources. After that, you get a clear and straightforward report with suggestions and information about your content. Using this report, you will be able to fix your text and make it 100% unique.

Students love our tool because it is powerful enough to beat any other similar programs. This ensures that after using and editing a document in accordance with a plagiarism report, there is no chance that any other software will find traces of plagiarism in your work. So if you want to ensure that mistakes and unoriginal material won’t become an unpleasant surprise – just use our website and forget about it.

Check my paper for plagiarism!

We have plenty reasons for you to say, “Check my paper for plagiarism!” And here they are:

  • Not only detailed but also clear report. When you get a plagiarism report, it can serve as a perfect guide for you to make your paper 100% unique. It is clear, accurate and includes every detail about your content originality.
  • Lots of websites to compare with. To make sure that our report is authentic, we compare your content to a great number of webpages. When we find similarities, we provide links to them in a report.
  • Guaranteed safety. If you worry that a term paper plagiarism checker can copy the content of your term paper and use it for later, we guarantee that with your texts are well protected.
  • All levels of text. We check your paper in accordance with different parameters.
  • The nature of similarities found. Our tool knows what kind of plagiarism has been detected. The program distinguishes copy-paste, paraphrasing, and wrong citations to help you correct your content easily.
  • Large papers at no time. Even Ph.D. undergraduates check their dissertations with the help of The reason is that we accept large documents and check them in a matter of minutes or even seconds.
  • Various text formats. Don’t worry about the text format. We accept almost any of them.

Our users report that is a must for every student. Some of them say that it is important to check papers in any case, even if you are an honest student without a regular habit to paraphrase and copy-paste. The reason is that you can overlook something not so obvious like a poor quote. This may cost you a grade. And you don’t want to risk like that, do you? If so, always check your paper for plagiarism before submission!